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Letter 1894-01-12 Frederick H Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Auckland 12th Jany 1894 Dear Lu I have not time to say very much but thought you would like to hear how we are getting along. Emma received yours this morning just before I left home and was evidently very much pleased with your account of her boy [Probably Emma’s son Fred Arthur aged 12] and it was quite a cheer up for her and much she needed a little tonic as Arthur [Arthur died […]

Letter 1882-02-27 Frederick H Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Ponsonby 27 Feb 1882 Dear Lucy To our great delight the welcome box arrived today, and great was the excitement at the unpacking thereof, which was not effected without some considerable trouble as it was so very securely nailed up. Today was very wet but it sustained no damage on coming up. We all three went down to the Rotomahana to get it, no very pleasant undertaking as it was blowing from the NE with […]

Letter 1882-03-22 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Hepburn Street March 22nd /82 My darling Lucy, Father and Susie are going to a tent meeting at Newmarket this evening – Fred is in town making arrangements for going on survey in the morning by the six o’clock train. I am alone just now having just returned from Vincent Street. I went to get a wash for Fred’s mouth which has been sore for some time – though I am thankful to say he […]

Letter 1882-02-27 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Ponsonby Feb’y 27th /82 My darling Lucy, We are all in a state of excitement over the arrival of the box. Everything is just lovely, and what we really needed. Father unpacked it while Susie & I were getting tea ready. I am afraid the labels were taken off a little too quickly and I am just a little uncertain about the napkin rings – were they not from you and Emma? They are what […]

Letter 1881-12-07 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Give my love to any one who you think care for it I’m sorry about Jack Young Ponsonby Dec 7th /81 My darling Lucy, I felt I must not let the mail leave without a line to tell you that you were lovingly remembered yesterday and earnestly did I pray that the Lord would bless you abundantly as He sees best for you. We are but poor short sighted creatures, we do not know what […]

Letter 1881-09-08 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Ponsonby Sept. 8th. /81 My darling Lucy, I am so sorry to hear that you have sore eyes but I daresay they will be well before you get this. I am glad you have had the measles & got over them so well. I wish Fred had had scarlet fever as it is so prevalent here and seems rather a bad kind, poor Aleck [Son of Emma and Robert MacDonald] is still very bad, he […]

Letter 1881-08-19 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Ponsonby August 19th. /81 My darling Lucy, I am sure it is your turn for a letter this time. Susie is writing on one side of me & Tom [Tom (1862) is the son of Robert and Emma (nee Matthews) MacDonald.] on the other. Tom has come up to sleep at our house to keep him out of the way of the fever. Poor Aleck [Aleck (1869) is the son of Robert and Emma MacDonald.] […]

Letter 1881-07-13 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Ponsonby July 13th. /81 My darling Lucy, It is your turn for a letter I think, so I will try & write you one. We have moved, as you have no doubt heard from Sue and when we are quite settled we shall be nice and comfortable. Of course it is beginning life again, and we can expect to be as comfortable as we were in Forth Street. It takes time but we do not […]

Letter 1881-03-09 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Do the folks still pray for us or are we forgotten now! We never needed it more. North Shore March 9th/81. My darling Lucy, We have moved our lodgings from Mrs Williams to a Mrs Hoens[?]. The change is not an improvement certainly but we were obliged to leave. Mrs Williams’ lodgings are so much sought after that she had let our rooms as I had told her we were leaving for Vincent Street, but […]

Letter 1881-01-12 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Father seemed very pleased at the card Susie enclosed. I wished it had been addressed to him. Cheltenham North Shore Janary 12th./81 My darling Lucy, I think it is your turn for a letter so as it is a very hot morning I thought I would sit down and have a chat. Dear Father is sitting in the armchair reading. When I look at him and think of the wonderful improvement there is in his […]

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