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Letter from Tom Spencer to his son Percy Spencer, 1879

Parawai   Feb 28th 1879 My dear Percy. I received your letter of Feb 13 in answer to mine about a letter received from Mr Wise.  I am glad to hear from you that you did not dislike your business, and from what you say it would be very imprudent for you to have your indentures cancelled before the time expires.   Having begun and got through the first steps it would be foolish for […]

The Spencer Family in New Zealand

Thomas and Elizabeth Spencer (née Berridge) were born in England and married there (in Warmington Northhamptonshire). They lived in Knossington, Leicestershire, and came out to New Zealand on 11 June 1861. Their ship, the Mersey (812 tons, Capt Duncan Smith) had left London 105 days earlier.  They had five children in tow – Charles, Lucy, Kate (Kitty), George and Percy. This is their story. Arrival Thomas and Elizabeth Spencer, temporarily settled in a small cottage in […]