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Spencer – Arthur Morell 1901-1983

Education: Kings College Auckland 1909/1917), where he did very well, winning a Senior University scholarship at the age of 16. The link implies that he was ranked 2nd in the Auckland District. He stayed at Kings for another year, winning the languages prize and a spot in the First XI. Because he was still young he had a year at Auckland Grammar School in 1918. I believe at that time its reputation was better than […]

That act of kindness and generosity shaped my whole life…

This essay from Ulu Aiono talks of his memories of Margot and Arthur Spencer, and their impact on his life. It was originally published on March 17, 2019 on LinkedIn and is reproduced with permission. A personal essay against the hate which killed & injured my Muslim Kiwi brothers & sisters destroying New Zealand’s faith in isolation and innocence. ULUOMATOOTUA (Ulu) AIONO Chairman Alliance Health Plus A lot of people think I am a business-hardened […]