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Don Lang re Zlatko Predavec

ZLATKO Zlatko Predavec already had a crammed life history by the time we heard any of it. His son Evan, our son-in-law, will I hope edit his memoirs. I can only report on the facet we saw, and glimpses around corners onto others. I think that when we met him he was under his third death sentence. The first two were by human agency. This one was from a cancer in a location I never quite […]

My father

My father was, is, my hero; largely because of who he was, but also because his life read like an adventure story. Zlatko Predavec was born on the 4th of May 1923. He was the sole product of each of his parents’ second marriages and as such was the much-loved baby of the family looked after by his older half-siblings. He grew up with his politician father often absent but always at the centre of […]