Category: Nutter – Fred A 1859-1896

Letter 1881-01-25 Fred A Nutter – Lucy Nutter

[Written on one sheet of paper – maybe there was another page folded inside. But he says never writes more than one sheet] Auckland January 25th 1881 Dear Lucy, I have not written for some time. The cause is idleness. I have been on camp since the beginning of November – am now in town for an indefinite period, I may have to go out tomorrow or perhaps not for three months. I received a […]

Letter 1881-04-02 Fred A Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Auckland April 2nd 1881 Dear Lucy, I need scarcely inform you that it is some time since I last wrote to you & I suppose it is likewise useless to express my regrets which however are heart-felt. I really do not know that I have much to say, as I suppose Susie has given you all the news. She seems to spend most of her time writing south. Firstly I must thank you & Emma […]

Letter 1883-05-18 Fred A Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Cambridge 18th May 1883 Dear Lucy, I got up here last night all right & was to go on to our camp today. We started with two buggies but came to grief, smashing the axle, after hair-breadth adventures. However we go on with a waggon tomorrow morning & I hope reach our destination before night. Mr Hickson goes down tomorrow morning much against his will. His being away will put us back a good bit. […]