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A Quiet By-lane of the Huguenot Story by Gilbert Wiblin

A Quiet By-Lane of the Huguenot Story A Refugee Family named Roussel and their descendants by J. Gilbert Wiblin Read before the Huguenot Society of London, January 14, 1931 It is with considerable diffidence that I invite the attention of this distinguished assembly of representatives of many of the more notable Huguenot families to the annals of a comparatively humble house; still the proverbially modest violet may help in the making of a garden as […]

Beuzeville Flight from France

Flight from France – Esther Hewlett (nee Beuzeville) After the Edict of Nantes was revoked by Louis XIV in 1685 Huguenots found life intolerable and left France by the thousands. In 1686, or thereabouts, Francis Roussel, then aged about five years, who was later to become the grandfather of both Mary and Peter Beuzeville escaped to England, as did his mother and siblings. His father, Laurens Roussel, an apothecary, remained in Pont Audemer under house […]

Family Notes by Emma Mary Byles (Roussel, Beuzeville, Hewlett)

Introduction For my Nephews and Nieces in New Zealand and my dear little Roussel in England I am writing this paper to tell them all I know of the family from which they are descended. In the autumn of 1919, soon after I had retired from active work [as Matron of The Lambeth Infirmary], my sister Mayna and I spent a holiday at Whitfield with our Aunt Emma [Davison]. During the time we were there […]

The Beuzeville family

The following is extracted from sources on the web – largely at: The Huguenot Family of Beuzeville Compiled by Wilfred P de Beuzeville (circa. 1960’s), from family papers and research by W.A.W. de Beuzeville (done in the 1920’s). The origin of the name Beuzeville is unknown; however the 19th century French historian Charpillon suggests that Beuze was derived from Boson, an influential family in early Norman times. He states that the name did not occur […]