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Letter from Eda LeMessurier to Jean Lang re Tourtel family history

This post is a letter from Eda LeMessurier to Jean Lang (her granddaughter) describing the family history of some of their mutual ancestors, the Tourtels. In particular, Robert Tourtel (pictured), who was Eda LeMessurier’s uncle. The letters are transcribed below. TOURTEL Now we come to the country people, engaged mostly in agriculture, & later building greenhouses for tomatoes and grapes & cultivating daffodils;  but even then rearing Guernsey cattle for American buyers.  Many men working […]

Family christening robe

This christening robe was designed and executed after her marriage in 1847, by Elizabeth, née Robert.  She was the wife of John Tourtel and lived in St Martins , Guernsey.  Making a christening robe was traditional when expecting a first child, as was also knitting a shawl.   She had three children, John Martel (22-11-1848), Robert Henry (28-07-1850), and Elizabeth (04-11-1859).  All three wore the robe, and it was handed down to the eldest daughter, as […]

Le Messurier family photos

  Eda Le Messurier is pictured in the middle of her extended family. At the back, her aunts Agnes and Lou standing. Seated, her grandfather Nicholas, Eda herself and her grandmother Mary Ann Thoume. At their feet is her uncle Harold.  Agnes and Lou were very skilled needle workers, and taught Eda many skills.     Nicholas LeMessurier with the silver tea service presented to him when he retired in 1898  from his position as […]