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Highland Games

Every year in Waipu, on New Years Day, there is a Highland Games. More Scottish than the Scots, the descendants of the big migrations celebrate their scottishness with a festival of bagpipes, highland dancing, tossing the caber, throwing the wheatsheaf, etc. etc.   It’s also often a family reunion, as the family who have left come back for summer at the Beach, and to see each other. In 1933, on New Year’s Day, one such […]

Memories of Anne Lang by Donald Lang

ANNE Memories Two days before she turned five Anne had a new baby brother. For the next three days that made five of us in the family under the age of seven. Associated in her memory was a new purse containing a 3d coin. A few years later all five, from Hector down to me, attended a single teacher school. We made up nearly half the roll, and if we had left it would have […]