Highland Games

Every year in Waipu, on New Years Day, there is a Highland Games. More Scottish than the Scots, the descendants of the big migrations celebrate their scottishness with a festival of bagpipes, highland dancing, tossing the caber, throwing the wheatsheaf, etc. etc.

William and Doreen Lang, George Griffin, Myra and Annie Lang, Kathy Griffin, Elsie Lang, Ian Roy Lang, Willina Lang, Hilda Hawkeswood (married and divorced), Charlotte McKenzie. Dick McKenzie took the photo.
Donald McKenzie, Ian and Hector Lang, John McKenzie, Hugh Griffin, Mary and Anne Lang


It’s also often a family reunion, as the family who have left come back for summer at the Beach, and to see each other. In 1933, on New Year’s Day, one such family reunion was celebrated in a photo.

Standing third from right is Willina Lang, matriarch of this particular family, with all of her eight children and their spouses and children (except for one spouse who took the photo).


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