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Letter 1880-06-21 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street June 21st /80 My darling Lucy, I was very glad to get your letter & to hear you were all getting on so happily. I hope you try to be a comfort to dear Arthur & Emma [Lucy’s sister married Arthur Hanan 1878]. It cheers the poor old Mother’s heart to think that her dear absent ones are seeking in little as well as what seem great things to walk in the Saviour’s […]

Letter 1880-07-08 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street July 8th /80 My darling Lucy, I got your letter last week, really the letters do take a long time to reach us. I used to write on Tuesdays by the steamers that leave the Manukau but I found that the steamer which leaves at the end of the week is generally at Wellington at the same time so I thought I would confine my letters to the mail by the larger steamers. […]

Letter 1880-07-28 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

All send Vincent Street Best love July 28th /80 My darling Lucy, I got yours & Emma’s [Lucy’s sister Emma Hanan] letters on the same day but Susie’s [Lucy’s sister Eliza Susan never married ] came two days before. I am glad you are all getting on so nicely together. My poor old heart yearns to be with you, I seem to want you all so much, still we must be patient darling & wait […]

Letter 1880-09-28 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street Sept 28th /80 My darling Lucy, I thought I would send you a line this time though I do not feel quite sure it is your turn. I received yours & Susie’s letters on Friday last week, and was so delighted to get your tinographs . Emma’s full face I scarcely recognised and I gave it to Lottie and Fanny to play with. Her side face is much better. Susie’s full face I […]

Letter 1880-10-08 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street Oct 8th /80 My darling Lucy, I think it is your turn for a letter though I have not much news to tell you. Emma will tell you what there is to tell about dear Father. Do you remember the Fravels(?) watchmakers who came from Cambridge. They have been obliged to give up business on account of ill health – the eldest brother is the same age as Grandpapa, the sister only a […]

Letter 1880-10-25 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street Oct 25th /80 My darling Lucy I think it is your turn for a letter. I got Arthur’s telegram today while at dinner. I need not tell you that I was delighted & thankful to get it and now I must wait with patience till I get letters. I am sure you will give me full particulars as to what the wee darling is like. The news has made me very homesick, I […]

Letter 1880-11-01 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Give my love to all enquiring friends especially dear Mrs Rout? I am so glad you are going to the Bluff Vincent Street Nov 1st /80 My darling Lucy, I have just got your letter telling me of the dear baby’s arrival. I am so glad dear old Emma is so well. Tell Arthur I am quite shocked at Papa’s discription (sic) of his little daughter. I think she must be very like what her […]

Letter 1880-11-15 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street Nov 15th /80 My darling Lucy, I think it is your turn for a letter and I am afraid it will be the only one as the mail closes today instead of tomorrow on account of the English mail being in. I have not much to tell you. I feel terribly troubled about dear Father. When I saw him the other day he looked so thin & ill & of course his mind […]

Letter 1880-12-06 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

I intended to write to Fred, but poor Father is awake & he seems restless I am afraid it worries him to see me writing. Fred shall have a letter on Thursday. North Shore Dec 6th /80 My darling Lucy, Many many happy returns of the day my darling. May the Lord bless you abundantly during the year you have now commenced. The master keep you very very near to his dear side – the […]

Letter 1880-12-29 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

North Shore Dec 29th/80. My darling Lucy, I received your letters and feel so sorry dear that you are not happy. I am afraid it is the old story of looking in at self instead of looking (eaten by silverfish) Saviour. I cannot write very fully to you because it takes me too long from dear Father – only I must give you a short chat. My advice is – take everything to Jesus – […]

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