Letter 1880-07-28 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

All send Vincent Street

Best love July 28th /80

My darling Lucy,

I got yours & Emma’s [Lucy’s sister Emma Hanan] letters on the same day but Susie’s [Lucy’s sister Eliza Susan never married ] came two days before. I am glad you are all getting on so nicely together. My poor old heart yearns to be with you, I seem to want you all so much, still we must be patient darling & wait our Father’s times – He knows what is best for us & when this trial has accomplished its work I feel sure it will be removed. The Lord will not let us suffer a moment longer than is necessary. Oh that we may be willing to learn all He would have us learn. I gave dear Father your love today – I do trust he is improving though so slowly that it is difficult to judge – still he looks better. I believe he will recover suddenly some do I am told. We must not cease to pray for him. I am so sorry to hear of poor little Charlie Rout’s eye being so much worse. I hope as his health improves it may be better again. I feel very much for dear Mrs Rout. Give my best love to her. Poor Lena does not seem at all strong. She has only been to school two days since the holidays, Mr Heath sent her home yesterday – he saw she was not well. She is so quiet & staid which makes her appear much older than she is. I believe the dear child is all right as a Christian. She told me she was the Lord’s – but it is very difficult to get much out of her – however actions speak better than words and her conduct quite agrees with her profession. I have not seen Mr Robertson for some time now. They are building him a house beside the church. We shall see more of them when they move into it – which I believe will be soon.

I am so pleased to hear you are trying to get on with your music, I felt so sorry to have you give it up. Have you learned that piece Miss Weymouth gave you? I often think of you all & wonder whether the weather is very cold at Invercargill just now. I cannot realize that it is winter at all. I have worn my fur collar only twice and took my muff once when it seemed cold but felt sorry I had done so before I had been out long. I often wish I had left them with you girls. I am so glad the days will soon be lengthening. I am hoping for great things for dear Father as spring comes on. All our friends seem to feel the same about it. I am so glad Fred is getting plenty to do – it will be cheerful for the dear boy. I hope the weather is favourable. There is a great deal of rain here.

Now darling child goodbye. Give my very warmest love to Fred [Lucy’s brother Fred ] & Sue. If the mail is delayed I will try & write to Fred.

And take an equal share from your loving



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