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That act of kindness and generosity shaped my whole life…

This essay from Ulu Aiono talks of his memories of Margot and Arthur Spencer, and their impact on his life. It was originally published on March 17, 2019 on LinkedIn and is reproduced with permission. A personal essay against the hate which killed & injured my Muslim Kiwi brothers & sisters destroying New Zealand’s faith in isolation and innocence. ULUOMATOOTUA (Ulu) AIONO Chairman Alliance Health Plus A lot of people think I am a business-hardened […]

Hendry – Marion Rennie 1932-2019

Born 27/10/1932. Died 3/12/2019. She was proudly a nurse and proudly Scottish. She was a traveller. She had cheeky sense of humour which came out most with her beloved grandchildren. She was so loving and caring. Marion was born at 7pm at home at The Hollies, Larbert, Scotland on 27 October 1932. She was by all accounts a cute child who got away with a lot more than her elder brother. She went first to […]

Lang – Donald Wilson 1933-2019

Born 3/3/1933. Died 14/5/2019 (video of funeral service is here) Born at Langs beach 3-3-33, which number he loved.  The family had a farm there right on the beach which ran sheep and cattle, with a house cow.   He was the youngest of six children, Margaret (who died in infancy), Hector, Anne, Mary, Ian and Donald.  So they roamed all over the farm, barefooted, even on the rocks at the beach.  Aged 5 he […]

Sex-scandals, tipsy vicars, robbery and riots

The following article was published in the Leicester Mercury  (although it no longer appears to be available on their website). It is drawn from the letters  from William Spencer to John Frewen.   They are letters that tell a not-so everyday story of country folk; riven with salacious gossip, wandering husbands, drunken vicars and murder. Some of the 200-year-old correspondence from William Spencer, a steward from Sapcote, to his master, village squire and Irish MP […]

Blomfield – Ezekiel 1778–1818

Ezekiel Blomfield was a Congregational minister, author and compiler of religious works and works on natural history. His Wkipedia entry can be found here. His entry in the Dictionary of National Biography (1885-1900, Volume 05) is: BLOMFIELD, EZEKIEL (1778–1818), compiler, was born on 28 Oct. 1778 at North Walsham, Norfolk. His parents were very poor, and in 1783 he removed with them to Norwich. Before he was ten years of age he began making collections for […]

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