Letter 1880-10-08 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street

Oct 8th /80

My darling Lucy,

I think it is your turn for a letter though I have not much news to tell you. Emma will tell you what there is to tell about dear Father.

Do you remember the Fravels(?) watchmakers who came from Cambridge. They have been obliged to give up business on account of ill health – the eldest brother is the same age as Grandpapa, the sister only a few months older than dear Grandmama was and the youngest brother two years younger, but poor fellow! – he is very helpless, he has lost the use of his left arm & is very feeble when he walks. Since they gave up business they have been obliged to give up keeping a servant which is rather hard for poor Miss Travel(?). They used to attend the same church as Uncle James so they are very familiar with the name of Nutter. Poor Miss Fravel has been very unwell for a week so I made up my mind to go with Grandpapa and see if I could help the old lady. They have lived so quietly keeping themselves to themselves that I think she considered me rather a curious specimen of humanity coming in such an unceremonious manner to help. However she found out that I meant it so she sat down and set me to work. She keeps three dish cloths one for tea cups one for plates another for saucepans

[Other side of the page is missing.]


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