Letter 1880-09-28 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Vincent Street

Sept 28th /80

My darling Lucy,

I thought I would send you a line this time though I do not feel quite sure it is your turn.

I received yours & Susie’s letters on Friday last week, and was so delighted to get your tinographs . Emma’s full face I scarcely recognised and I gave it to Lottie and Fanny to play with. Her side face is much better. Susie’s full face I like very much but her side face is shocking – she appears to squint badly. You are looking quite plump in yours, but it is very good. I only wished I had Fred’s. I have not any of his at all like him. Arthur I have so I do not mind so much not having his tinograph [little photographs on tin the size of a penny stamp].

I was very pleased to hear you were first in Euclid & that you stood so well in French & German. Give my love to Katie and tell her I am glad she was so successful. I am sure you have worked well dear, and I feel quite satisfied. Your monthly report was very good. I went to see dear Father on Saturday but was sadly disappointed to find him not so well. He was not sleeping so well again – still he is not worse for he continues to eat well which is a great comfort. I had hoped to have him home by this time, but they advised me to let him remain at present – for he is in that state that a very little

[Other side of the page is missing.]


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