Letter 1880-12-29 Eliza Nutter – Lucy Nutter

North Shore

Dec 29th/80.

My darling Lucy,

I received your letters and feel so sorry dear that you are not happy. I am afraid it is the old story of looking in at self instead of looking (eaten by silverfish) Saviour. I cannot write very fully to you because it takes me too long from dear Father – only I must give you a short chat. My advice is – take everything to Jesus – big & little sins. Just everything – joys as well as troubles and do not brood over your feelings . I am sure we all miss much by not going to thank the Lord for what would be called our small joys. We have many things every day to thank him for if we only looked out for them. We are very apt to go to the Lord in trouble but not in joy, and I fancy it keeps one down(?). Of course dear if you know of anything in your walk which is in any way dishonouring to our Lord & Master confess it to him at once that it may be put away. Another thing which is a great help in keeping cheerful is study to make others happy – try to forget self and you will be surprised how cheerful it keeps you.

I am glad you got on better than you expected at the examinations, it has been a disappointment to you being away from school so many weeks. Still, we all know you worked well & did your best, so that you need not mind much. New Year’s day will be over before you get this. I wish you all a very happy new year in every sense of the word. The Lord grant we may once more be a (eaten by silverfish) happy family down here this year that is just coming. Tell Arthur that Mrs Merrick says he would not know her as Mrs Merrick but may have heard of her by her maiden name Melsop. She is a kind old body, we went in to see her on Christmas Eve. She picked us a lovely bunch of flowers & when she handed them to me I found she had stuck a card among the flowers with that text on it. “ When you passeth through the waters etc”. Was it not nice of her? She used to teach at home. I do not know whether she is a lady, she is evidently very superior to her husband.

How is Gracie Watson? don’t forget to tell me.

Now goodbye darling. The Lord help you as He (eaten by silverfish) the prayer of your loving


We thought a great deal about you all on Christmas day.


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