Family christening robe

This christening robe was designed and executed after her marriage in 1847, by Elizabeth, née Robert.  She was the wife of John Tourtel and lived in St Martins , Guernsey.  Making a christening robe was traditional when expecting a first child, as was also knitting a shawl.   She had three children, John Martel (22-11-1848), Robert Henry (28-07-1850), and Elizabeth (04-11-1859).  All three wore the robe, and it was handed down to the eldest daughter, as became the tradition.

Also worn by Eda Aline LeMesurier (1885, Guernsey), only daughter of Elizabeth née Tourtel and Alfred Thoume LeMessurier

Also worn by Marguerite (1914, Guernsey) and Eda Desiree (1916, , Guernsey), daughters of Eda and William Stringer.

Also worn by John Peter Hooper (1941, England), son of Eda Desiree.

Also worn by Jean Charlotte (1940, Chester), Valerie Helen (1945, London) and Richard Morell (1954, Auckland), children of Marguerite and Arthur Morell Spencer.

Also worn by Jennifer Heath (1967, Oxford), Andrew William (1970, Philadelphia) and Robert David (1973, Sydney), children of Jean and Donald Wilson Lang.

Also worn by Callum Lang (2001, Sydney) and Declan Lang (2003, Sydney), children of Jennifer Lang and Evan Joseph Predavec.

Also worn by Julia Lang Garcia (2013, Madrid) and Eva Lang Garcia (2016 Madrid), daughters of Robert Lang and Ana Garcia de Francesca.

Inf 2020 this 173 year old robe is hanging on the wall of Jennifer Lang, one of its wearers.  The frame was specially constructed so that the robe could be removed for further use.




This poster was created by Robert Lang,when his second daughter Eva was presented to his family wearing the robe.  She is currently the most recent baby to wear it.



Robert Lang, Jean Lang with Eva Lang Garcia, Jennifer Lang .

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