Spencer – Arthur Morell 1901-1983

Education: Kings College Auckland 1909/1917), where he did very well, winning a Senior University scholarship at the age of 16. The link implies that he was ranked 2nd in the Auckland District. He stayed at Kings for another year, winning the languages prize and a spot in the First XI. Because he was still young he had a year at Auckland Grammar School in 1918. I believe at that time its reputation was better than Kings. At the end of WWI he was still 17, so he was not required to join his three older brothers in the Army. [1]

Moved to the UK in 1932 during the Great Depression. Work as not easily come by, and he was employed as a draughtsman at some period. There was also some time on the dole, which he was very ashamed of. His children did not find out until many years later.

Married to Marguerite Stringer

Worked on Radar research during WWII in the north of England.

Moved back to New Zealand in 1949. Because he had a job to go to the family was given a priority passage. At that time there were still waiting lists.

Was the Deputy Chief Engineer at the Auckland Power Board.

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