Subdivision in 1927

This picture shows the notice of Auction for the first subdivision in 1927. According to someone whose family bought lots 12-14 (Richard Morgan, who now still owns lot 11),

Buying at the auction was a great investment for the future at 27 pounds ten shillings for a section, but I guess in those days few people had cars, or even went on holidays. I know that Tommy Thomson, the auctioneer asked my family to please attend the auction and start the bidding because ‘he didn’t think the sections were going to sell’. Little did he know!

Section 48 was reserved for Bill and Doreen Lang, and several sections were reserved for their future children. In the end, Anne had 47, Mary had 49, number 50 became the road, Ian had number 51 and Donald got one further along, in the late 50s or early 60s.


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