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Memories from Doreen Lang, written by daughter Anne

The Tanner McKenzies Murdock McKenzie and two older brothers were given money and their passage to Canada by the Clan Chief who was a relation and embarrassed by his young cousins‘ teenage pranks–—some quite serious like cattle rustling and deer poaching The two older brothers took ALL the money and went across Canada They stayed there and later did very well. One may have been Knighted! Murdock teamed up with the Nova Scotians. There he […]

Memories by Doreen Lang

Doreen Lang was the grand-daughter of “Tanner” McKenzie. Murdock McKenzie and two older brothers were given some money by the Chief of the Clan and told to go to Canada. There was money for their fare and some to start off on. The two older brothers went to Canada and did well. One was Knighted (or so we heard!). Murdock went to Nova Scotia and met Margaret Sutherland and married her. When they had four […]

Doreen Hector Tanner story

A reminiscence from Jennifer Lang about her grandmother Doreen Lang (nee McKenzie) I’m the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter of an oldest daughter – at least that far back, and possibly further. For that reason, I’ve always been more interested in my distaff ancestors (there is probably a technical term for that). But when my cousin (my father’s sister’s daughter) came to visit this year, she commented that she had always been proud of coming […]

McKenzie – Edith Emily 1895-1991

Edith Emily (Doreen) McKenzie was born in 1895 in Hora Hora in rural New Zealand (which I think is now part of Whangarei). Because she was the 7th Edith in her small rural district, and as she said “Emily was a cow’s name”, she was called Doreen all her life. That district was full of scottish immigrants, and very into patronymic nicknames, so she was called Doreen Hector Tanner most of her life, even though […]