Hewlett – Theophilus 1816-1900

TPN Hewlett 1860

Was a schoolmaster in England – operating a school in Lime House, Eythorne Kent (pictured).

With his health breaking down when a little over 40 he brought his family to NZ arriving at Auckland on 27 Sep 1858 aboard the ‘Avalanche’. This was Shaw Savill’s maiden run. The ship was reported to have arrived in perfect condition, making an elegant entry into Auckland Harbour.

Settled in Mangapai where he opened the first Methodist Church/School on 28 Sep 1862 and his salary was £50 per year.

He built a Church Organ which is at St. George’s in Thames. Was made Deacon on 2 Feb 1881 & ordained on 25 Mar 1882. He also built a harmonium which is now in the Auckland Museum collection.

There is a wonderful photo showing TPN Hewlett as an older man with three following generations gathered around him.


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