Predavec – Janko

From Zlatko Predavec’s memoires:

My memories of grandfather are very few, and these are confused with different anecdotes told in the family. The photograph shows slim, tall man for time and area, with a handlebar moustache and a vicious look. It is said half the people in Rugvica have those blue eyes, because he could not pass by any woman young or old, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly, none were safe from him. There was no pill in that time and so there were a lot of blue eyes around. Father had them too! The other characteristic was pigheadedness. One day he appeared in Dugo Selo, obviously with the intention to announce his happy decision to marry again. After a long argument, in which Mamicka tried to dissuade him, he suddenly went to the door, opened it, announced; ‘I bum, I bum se zenil!’ (I will, I will marry), walked out, went home and got married.

Unfortunately I remember even less of grandmother. From the little bits and pieces of family gossip it appears she was a quiet, unassuming woman, but of sufficiently strong character to deal with and control grandfather. When I was born, in 1923, Father was 40 years old. The people in that time married young and, normally, had children in their early twenties, therefore grandfather must have been well in his fifties, actually quite old for a man in his position. The same applied on Mamicka’s side, all my grandparents died of old age when I was still a very small child. Later, when I really started to think about them, unfortunately there was not much chance to ask anybody about them. Janko and Marica had three children; Josip (Joza), Gjorge (Djuka) and a girl by the name of Ljubica. By tradition, which even in that time was starting to break up, the eldest son inherited the property, next went into trade and the rest become priests or married into families where there was no son. The girls had their portion of property in the form of a dowry when they married. In grandfather’s family, succession was resolved in a different way. The eldest son, Joza, got education, Djuka inherited the property as whole and Ljubica successfully married the neighbour’s son and had two children, a boy and a girl.

Janko, Jage and [presumably] Josip bottom left.

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