Wilson – Daniel Cook 1841-1902

Daniel and Emily Wilson with children Maude, Edith, Frances, Eva and Stanley

Married: Emily Beuzeville HEWLETT, 25 May 1864, Whangarei, N.Z.

Emigrated to Australia with his 2 older brothers in 1853 aged 12. Was in Auckland in 1857. The 3 brothers come to Whangarei in 1858 and Daniel & Henry settled at Maungakaramea, the first two settlers in the Mangapai Dist.

Had supper with Hon. Richard Seddon (P.M.) on 8 Jun 1892.

Lived in Maungakaramea until 1885 then moved to Whangarei, Burnett’s old house ‘Clifton’.

On Nov 23rd 1894 delivered a lecture in the Waipu library to an audience of mostly Scots from the Nova Scotia migration.

On 21 Feb 1899 he rented Robert Mair’s house ‘Deveron’ for £35 per year, and moved in on 28 Mar 1899.

Was Whangarei County Council Engineer from 1882-1902.


‘Clifton’ D.C.Wilson house near Tikipunga











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