Zentel – Josef

The following is the reminiscence of Bojena:

Josef Zentel (circa 1850-1915) Contemporary of Anton Dvorjak who he spent time with and had a permanent place in a bar with. According to testimony descendant of a French soldier. When the Napoleonic army retreated after the battle of Leipzig (August 1813 where there were over 6,000 French prisoners, lost his legs and kept somewhere in the Prussian-Czech border). His name was allegedly GENTIL.

He loved to play cards, but when he once lost a large sum of money cards were not played again in the Zentelovih family.

Married our Grandmother Anna NEUHEIPPEL and had six children: Jaroslav, Milka, Vlasta, Libuse, Ludmila and Milos.

They built one-storey house at Praha-Nusle, Svatoplukova 17. Had a large apartment on the first floor and a small garden.

When I was first in Prague to the service (1957-62) in the apartment she lived with her family aunt Vlasta Machov. Roza Machov remained with Aunt Vlasta in the apartment until her death.

Mother [Zentel – Ludmilla 1888-1960] had the right to part of the house but it was it spent on Milan’s schooling in Prague.

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