Letter 1882-02-23 Nutter, Lucy (Cambridge) – Nutter, Lucy

Beech House


Feb 23, 1882

My dear Lucy,

I have often thought of my namesake across the ocean, & it occurred to me the other day, I should like to begin a correspondence with my cousin. I shall find it rather difficult as the receiver of this letter is unknown to me, & the one remembrance I have of you, is your photograph, which was taken when you were about ten or eleven years old. Well I hope before long I shall get a letter from you telling me all about yourself. I am afraid I do not know in what year you were born. So I do not cannot tell whether you are older or younger than me. I may say that I have existed in this world a quarter of a century. You may be interested in knowing that some times I am told that I resemble (in face) my Uncle Fred.

I believe you are staying with your sister Emma who is married now, is she not? Did I not hear that she has a little child? I do not expect that you are so rich in nephews & nieces as I am, for I am Aunt to twelve altogether. My eldest niece is twelve years old now.

Do you keep up your studies at all?, or is your time otherwise employed? Cambridge has a good many advantages for us that way. There are two colleges for lady students. Towns-people are able to attend their lectures if they like.

Some of the students have been distinguishing themselves very well, doing better than the men in some of their examinations.

I do not suppose you can imagine our University men going about wearing caps & gowns, the girls have not got so far as that yet. Nor are they allowed yet to take degrees at Cambridge.

Are you fond of music & singing, if so will you tell me what songs you like.

Are you fond of reading? Will you tell me what books you like?

My next letter will be longer perhaps, when I get an answer to these questions, & more interesting I hope, & more worth sending all the way to Australia.

With much love your affect cousin

Lucy Nutter


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