Letter 1894-01-12 Frederick H Nutter – Lucy Nutter

Auckland 12th Jany 1894

Dear Lu

I have not time to say very much but thought you would like to hear how we are getting along. Emma received yours this morning just before I left home and was evidently very much pleased with your account of her boy [Probably Emma’s son Fred Arthur aged 12] and it was quite a cheer up for her and much she needed a little tonic as Arthur [Arthur died in April 1894] had last night such a very bad night, the worst he thinks since he has been up here and was very weary this morning & of course Em having been awake reading to him to him during the night was not fit for much this morning. We all feel it very much and are rather down about it as yesterday he was so well the former part of the day, and the day before too, but our Father knows which is best and will do all things well. It is for us to wait in simple faith. We had Miss Courteney & Cuckoo [Query Heath, Lucy’s oldest. Nickname was Cuckoo.] Eileen & Muriel? over at the beginning of the week. They all seem very happy. Fred?? rather objected to being left and stated very decidedly at first that he intended to go over to North Shore by himself but he soon cooled down upon it and stood on the verandah to bid them goodbye quite cheerfully. Sue intends going over early next week and taking baby with her and spending a day or two with them which will I need not say be much to their joy. Fred has gone home and is getting on as well as possible the doctor says he cd not be doing better. They found everything had gone on well during their absence. Em has succeeded in getting Kate Greenwood to mind the baby [Emma’s youngest Marjorie born 1893], she came this morning for the first time and I think will be a success.

We are all glad that Fred H is getting on so well with his boyfriends. It will do him an immense amount of good in many ways and we are so pleased that you are getting such favourable weather. I am sending by post the stockings for F you wrote about. Mother packed them and I have no doubt they will be very serviceable protecting the poor boys legs. We shall be pleased to hear if he succeeds in winning the contests he has entered for. All send their love to him especially his father and mother [I think Arthur and Emma].

With much love in which all join

I am your affectionate Father

F. Nutter

[Too many Freds: There is Lucy’s father Fred Nutter(1821). There is FA Nutter(1859) who is Lucy’s brother. There is Fred Hanan(1882) who is Emma and Arthur’s son.]


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