Letter 1958 Aunt Elsie – Donald Lang


Dear Donald,

I expect Myra has told you “all the news that’s fit to write”, as the N.Y.Times says. It was nice to get your letter and hear about your work and all those interesting people you are meeting, but I am glad you have Rabbie Dyer to have a Pie-Island chat with sometimes. Give my regards to Rabbie and tell him we do miss his lissom form from Lang’s Beach. Does he remember the day the chicken coop made off into space? What a fright I got! I still think of it with horror. Maybe that is why I am not so disturbed about the sputnik as most are. Fortunately it was past “The Season” at the beach. Did you see the Queen? She was lucky to miss the floods and storms of the Sunny North. I suppose they would not bother mentioning such things in Aussie papers (nothing to theirs!), but we’ve had an orful month – wind N.E. and then rain, and more rain. But your friend Mr Archie Newitt will be happy – he has been calling out for weeks to get onto our water supply – now he won’t need to bother. Many happy returns of your birthday, dear Donald. I hope you will use all your knowledge for the Peace and happiness of your fellow creatures.

Love from your Aunt Elsie.


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