Letter 1960-12-16 Eva Wilson – Donald Lang

664A Mt Eden Rd

Mt Eden S.1.


Dear Donald,

Thank you for your fine letter of sympathy, it was much appreciated by us all. Truly Aunt Fanny has been a good example to us, she was sustained by her faith in God right through her illness, & her courage never failed. She was most thankful to Elizabeth(her unmarried daughter, a nurse) for her devoted care & attention, & to be nursed at home with her family round her was a real blessing.

The Rev. Goetz from St Andrews’ Epsom, visited her regularly, & brought the Service of Holy Communion to her here. She was always so glad to see him, he helped her very much, indeed he helped us all. When Dr. Wilson came on the Sat. (26th) he found signs of heart failure, so the family were prepared for the end, she passed away in her sleep in the evening.

Tho we have a deep sense of loss, we feel that her spirit will remain with us, a comforting thought. Rosalie1 & Neale & the boys are coming up from Dunedin in their car on the 27th Dec. for the holidays, good company for Elizabeth. Your Dad & Mother called in on their way home last Tuesday, we were very glad to see them.

Elizabeth has been given a little Corgi pup, arrived yesterday & is already good company. We all send our greetings to you, & very best wishes for the work you have before you.

Ever yours sincerely

Aunt Eva

P.S. Elizabeth had a kind letter from Andrew Wilson, telling her of his sympathy, Queenie Wilson had sent the news to him.



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