Letter 1968-12-02 Aunt Elsie – Donald Lang

Langs Beach

Waipu N.Z.


Dear Donald,

We all (Elsie,Myra,Hilda) thank you for your kind letter of sympathy, of course we don’t realise it yet. Annie was the one who never went away from home until your Father was married, and after a while, when our Mother came home again, Hilda stayed with her for the remainder of Ma’s life. (1952) Altho sudden, Annie’s death was not unexpected, we knew she had a bad cardiac condition, altho no one spoke of it – she never wanted to be thought ill. The many years she spent with Danny Finlayson was a very happy time for her. She was always busy around home, and went out in her car almost every day. Many people will miss her.

It was very nice to see Ian and Margaret Ann and their Catherine, who is a beautiful little girl. The new Miss Lang – Heather Florence is also very pretty – we think she is going to have auburn hair – like John Willie’s. We will all be glad when you come home, and we can see Jean and Jennifer. I am sure they are also very beautiful. Hilda & Hugh are staying with us until after Christmas – Hugh going to & fro for 5 days a week.

Love to you & yours from Aunt Elsie

[Annie was acting as housekeeper to Danny Finlayson. Apparently there was absolutely no breath of scandal involved, so that was how it was. ]


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