Letter 1969-12-24 Aunt Myra – Donald Lang

Langs’ Beach

Waipu, N.Z.


Dears All, D.J &j

Your message arrived and was much appreciated – so much that I told Doreen that I proposed to cable a reply in time for Christmas. It shocked her Scottish soul – mine is shock proof by now – and when she said that an air-mail message would reach you just as early as she had not your “gone away” Christmas address, I agreed with her. So herewith please receive very best wishes from all here at the old homestead for good health and all other good fortune for 1970 and for many more years to come.

We were glad to hear that you are in Pa. and hope that you like it. Also very pleased to get news and messages from our relatives. I have a nice photograph of Rebecca taken in the grounds of the lovely Wanamaker home in Philadelphia when her brother Gordon lived there and was the minister of the church Mr W. sort of regarded as a hobby, I think. He was a sort of Santa Claus to it , I used to think. (I visited there.) They were very nice people. I hope our good wishes will be there when you get home. Accept the Christmas ones too. We are thinking them now!

Love to you, all three, from us all.


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