Letter 1971-02-24 Aunt Myra – Donald Lang

Langs’ Beach

Waipu, N.Z.


Dear Donald,

We are very pleased to hear that you are heading homewards in the not too distant future. We can hardly wait to see you and Jean and your nice little family. This note is to explain who Alison Clark is, in case she contacts you before you leave. She should be nice – she is the grand-daughter of our lifelong friends Ted & Stella Browne of Howick, who died within weeks of each other just before Christmas. At the second funeral (Ted’s) their daughter Margaret who married Russ Clark (airman) told us about Alison going away but apart from having heard that she is a nice clever girl and going with one of those student groups E and I got the impression that she might be not far from your neck of the woods. I forget what her long suit is, Margaret’s was science – and her brother’s too. However if she does get in touch with you – I am sending your address to Margaret to pass on – I said I would, I’m sure you will give her a kind word and some avuncular advice. I know she will be pleased to find a kiwi so far away.

I haven’t heard any real dates set for your movement s, your mother didn’t know. You and Jean will no doubt be very busy, but don’t let Alison add to the burden. She might be a help!

Your mother was away for a week or two with Aunt Eva while Elizabeth had a holiday. But I expect she tells you all the news.

Our weather man has gone crazy. Nothing but easterly wind and rain. Everything inside and out is soaked.

Warm too. Soon everything will be mildewed.

On that cheery note I’ll close.

But we’ll see that the sun will be shining when you all get here.

Love from us all


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