Letter 1971-06-12 Aunt Myra – Donald Lang

Langs’ Beach

Waipu, N.Z.


Dear Donald and Jean

and j and a,

Surprise! surprise!

I don’t believe I wrote and told you how much I appreciated your kindness to young Alison Clarke. I heard from her mother that she thought you (and your children) were “super” and she thoroughly enjoyed your company.

Yesterday I heard from our cousin Griselda McWatt – who may give you this letter – that you are due in Sydney (Nova Scotia) on 18th, so I thought “It’s not too late yet.” So – my thanks. I should have told you more about Griselda. Her husband was Judge McWatt of Toronto. Her two sons were very small when he died. The elder died in infancy – a remarkable child, I heard – the other was lost in the Air Force last war. But she remains one of the mainsprings of the family, full of interest in all the young folk.

We are all looking forward to seeing you.



Adressed to Mr & Mrs D. W. Lang

c/o Mrs D. F. McWatt

225 Esplanade


Nova Scotia


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