Letter 1972-04-19 Aunt Myra – Donald Lang

Langs’ Beach

Waipu, N.Z.

19-04 – 72

Dear Donald,

Greetings to you and Jean and your nice little family.

So many times I have thought of you and planned to put the thoughts on paper so here at last they are.

Especially we missed you at New Year when we had a sort of muster (sheep like! ) of the family – more than forty came along including representatives of each of the family of William Maxwell Lang except one. That one was on the way and unfortunately got involved in a motor accident, so your dear old great – grandfather’s eldest daughter’s family was not represented.

Your mother has been away visiting the girls, and Aunt Eva, but is home again. She will miss Marjorie terribly. All her friends and neighbours do. It was a shock to us all and must have been to you, as we did not know that she was seriously ill. Jack is still at Kamo but I think will make some change soon.

I am enclosing a clipping from the “Herald” – kept to send to you as I thought that it was you or Robbie Dyer who used to call him the “White Hope” – meaning I think that his views seemed not quite so stuffy as might have been expected. (I mean Horton of course.) A few days ago I met a young Mahood in Whangarei who said he knew you. Also that his wife had known you at AK.Univ. She was Betty (I think) O’Sullivan. I asked. This weekend Rosemary Mackenzie gets the key to the door. Not that she has not had it for years. But formally now. She and two friends flat in Auckland. Margaret has just established herself in Auckland too – another flat and quite a good job at the Auckland Hospital Lab. She returned from her world tour just before Christmas and had been talking of going back to Perth, but seems settled now.

I do hope all is well with you and yours.

Love to you all


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