Letter 1977-01-03 Aunt Myra – Donald Lang

Langs’ Beach

Waipu, N.Z.

03-01 – 77

Dear Donald,

Here is my first note written this year. Here I am chief cook, bottle washer, night watchman, burglar alarm, everything. All new roles for me. So please excuse delay. Our (Myra and Hilda) thanks for your letters, which were much appreciated, as also was, and will be, the lovely calendar. You will know that my new role – a feeble performance too – is due to the fact that Hilda has not been very well, but fortunately is now mending. We try to keep her quiet and inactive as possible.

Enclosed you will find a letter I had from our mutual friend and relative in Nova Scotia. I am lending it (I will answer it some day) to you as I am sure that you will know all the young people she tells me about much better than I do. Rebecca forgets that many of them were just children when I was there but we won’t tell her that.

She never forgets you, and I don’t think she will write another long letter. I hope mine will interest you. I always liked Rebecca.

Once, on my way back from Nova Scotia to Utica N.Y., I stayed at the historic Parker House, Boson, and she was staying with her aunt who lived in Boston (she had been a McNeil of Barra, which is something!!!), and she had a handsome son who was a musician! I must inquire about him some day!

We had fun! We were young!

Our love to you and Jean and the children. We miss you. Your mother and Ian and Catherine and Stuart are here. Hilda and I did not go out on New Year’ Day.


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