Hendry – Douglas Doig 1902-1964

Douglas Hendry was born in 1902 in Alloa Scotland. He attended Dollar Academy alongside his brother Evan Hendry. He was too young to go to WW1.

He owned, or part owned with a family trust trust, a brick factory in Carlisle and then Headswood Laundry. In his early 40s he had a heart-attack and the business was sold (proceeds were divided via the trust so half went to his nephew).

Now retired, he, together with his wife Marion, went on a holiday to Blairmore where her relatives lived. They then went on a cruise and decided to settle in Blairmore (lived in Larbert previously), buying Appin Lodge for 2000 pounds around 1953.

Douglas’ daughter Marion remembers:

“They lived on capital. They always had money. He was used to it.

Always remember having afternoon tea in Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. Father, as always, left huge tip, and mother quietly went back and picked half of it up.

He was a very shy person, led to him being loud when he had a drink – which was often.

He was very, very tough on Robin [his son].

He died at 63 with heart problems. They had a nurse looking after him.

Granny would call him Dougal when happy with him, Doug normally. And Douglas when unhappy with him.”

Joining Masons
DD Hendry as an officer cadet at Dollar Academy













He was mentioned in passing in Golf Illustrated of November 13 1952 as a director of the Glenbervie Golf Club:


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