Hendry / Donaldson family photo 1928

This photograph is from the wedding of DD Hendry to MR Donaldson on 29 Nov 1928.

Back: Annie Knight Hendry (née Doig) – Mary Donaldson (née Rennie) – Alfred Cumming (Uncle Alf) – Elizabeth Cumming (née Donaldson, Aunt Bet)

Back / middle right: Agnes Donaldson (née Brown, Aunt Nan) – William Donaldson (Uncle Willie)

Middle: Evan Hendry – Minnie Robertson –  Douglas D HendryMarion R Donaldson – Jean Whiteford (née Donaldson, Aunt Jean) – William Donaldson

Front: ? – ? – ?


  • The relationships are from the point of view of the bride and groom’s daughter Marion Predavec (née Hendry)
  • Minnie Robertson was a distant cousin of MR Donaldson. She and Evan Hendry only met at the wedding but later were married themselves.
  • Agnes and Willie were married.
  • AK Hendry is the mother of the groom. Mary and William Donaldson the parents of the Bride.
  • Willie, Bet, and Jean were the bride’s siblings.
  • Evan is the brother of Douglas Hendry, the groom.
  • Agnes (Nan) is married to William Donaldson Jr.
  • Alf and Bet are married.

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